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When a business owner builds a website, most of them only focus on keywords and other on-page seo factors. But they put aside the importance of backlinks. Well, whereas backlinks are 80% more effective increase your website traffic.
If you do not already know how to build backlinks, know some of these basics to start backlinks:
What is a backlink?
Basically a backlink is a link that links the two pages of the website. Backlinks are links that are on other web pages that direct visitors to your website. Backlinks are often called Inbound links. The number of backlinks that you create will be an important indication of your website, because the backlinks used Google to determine the ranking in search engines.
Benefits of backlinks for your business
From an SEO perspective, links show how popular your website is in search engines. Basically, any link that leads to your website that means your website is worth to read and worthy of a reader. When search engines find external links to your website, for search engines this means that your website has information of good quality and worth.
The more backlinks your website, then the SEO value of your website also get bigger. But until now can not measure how the quality of each website, therefore search engines rely on backlinks that lead to the website. Even so, you still have to think about the importance of positive links for your website. To attract your target towards your website, you need to use the right external website. So you should pay attention to any website that has many links that lead to your competitors.
Start building backlinks
When you publish content that is interesting, of course you already get a link to your site. that alone is not enough to make your site easy to find in search. You must be active in building backlinks.
To build backlinks, there are several criteria you need to follow:

Backlinks must come from relevant sites and publish useful content.
Do not use the "black hat" strategy, this strategy is prohibited by google.
Backlinks are built slowly. If you make it too fast, it will look like manipulating a shortcut.
That's some information about backlinks. If you are still confused, just call us, will gladly help you.


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Selling products on Amazon can be a good thing for small businesses to make the most profit with more than 160 million visitors per month. Amazon has evolved into the largest marketplace and the most widely used sellers to sell their products. In fact, it has now surpassed the most popular retail sites like eBay in terms of traffic and sales.
But just signing up, making a list of products, and wishing the best in Amazon is not enough. At Amazon we also have to compete with other sellers from all over the world. If you want to succeed, we must know tips and tricks to be more than others.
Here are 7 strategies to sell selling in Amazon.
1. Be sure to choose the right merchant account
The fee for merchant account on Amazon is $ 39.99 / month. For comparison, for individual accounts the cost is $ 0.99 / month.
According to amazon, if you plan to mnjual more than 40 items per month, then the unlimited price of $ 39.99 will be meaningful. If you are just starting out or not planning to sell many items, maybe the choice on this account is not the best. If this is the case, use an individual seller account and upgrade when you are comfortable or when your sales start exceeding the $ 39.99 limit
According to Amazon, if we want to sell more than 40 products then for accounts with a price of $ 39.99 it is the right choice. But, if we are just starting or not planning to sell many items, then use an individual account $ 0.99. We also can still upgrade if sales start to rise.
2. Understand that price competition is fierce
When selling at Amazon we must be aware and ready to compete with other business owners from around the world. That means we will compete with hundreds, even thousands of competitors who sell the same or identical product, some may have a price much lower than ours.
This does not mean we can not be competitive, but we must be prepared for that condition. Therefore, we must rack my brain to find alternative ways to make the product more attractive.
3. Find ways to make the product look unique
Instead of trying to compete directly with competitors, better find ways to make our products unique. Amazon groups items by title, so if we sell the same product with a higher ranking competitor and lower price, then we will lose.
On the other hand, if no other competitors are selling the same product as our product, then we will become rulers. It's easier to say than to do, because almost anything we imagine is already in the Amazon. But, by doing research / research and finding a unique way to put our products in a good position will have a tremendous impact.

4. Integrate Amazon into the E-Commerce platform
Since Amazon offers an open API for sellers, we can easily integrate all Amazon products into existing ecommerce platforms. Visitors can find, review, and even buy Amazon products from our ecommerce site.
If you do not already have an ecommerce platform, start designing and building websites that have a place for Amazon products. This is especially effective when coupled with a content marketing strategy, which can help to increase visibility and organic traffic.
5. Optimize product posting
Most people always associate SEO with search rankings on Google. But, there are other things that may be more we optimize the product and amazon account to improve the ranking and visibility in Amazon search.
There are two factors that Amazon uses to calculate rankings for particular search phrases, namely performance and relevance. Performance factors relate to what we do, like how many items are sold, whether our product has a full description and image, product level, etc. The point to improve search rankings in Amazon is to increase sales history and make our products more sellable.
The relevance factor is a bit more complicated and should be done in a way that makes the product relevant, in line with the given query. We can make the product more relevant by using the full title, product description (including brand name, accurate product description), and key points explaining the product. Things to keep in mind that search terms on Amazon should include fragments of words that might apply to our product.
Selling on Amazon is just like any other marketing strategy. It requires patience, commitment, and continuous analysis and some adjustments before we can see the results. In order to achieve maximum sales we also need a clear product specification


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Advances in information technology and telecommunications create a world without space or we are familiar with the name of the internet. It can not be denied that the internet greatly facilitates the lives of many people. Therefore, the internet is widely used almost in all circles, ranging from children to those who belong to the category of elderly (elderly). Through the internet, we can communicate with someone thousands of kilometers away from where we are now. Through the internet, we can transcend day and night differences that are common in different hemispheres.ads
With all the sophistication, we should use the internet as well as possible to provide benefits to us. One of them is by doing business using internet media. In a world that is getting familiar with e-commerce as it is today, doing business using the internet becomes a very popular thing by the community. In addition to its broader market reach, doing business using the internet can also help us communicate directly with buyers even though they are at a great distance.
Selling and buying using an online shop becomes a natural thing. Young people today are accustomed to buying goods that are only seen from the image without meeting directly with the seller. This trade culture shift also has a positive impact and negative impact, so we must be smart in maximizing positive impact and working as much as possible to minimize the negative impact of business through this online.
Businesses using the internet or online medium itself has a very wide variant. From very simple items with very cheap prices such as handmade accessories or souvenirs, to very expensive valuables such as jewelry or property. Thus, for those of you who want to sell your property (like a home) but have limited time or just want to expand the reach of your home market, this internet marketing solution feels right to help you. There are several things to watch out for when you decide to sell your house online. Here we summarize for you which is 10 ways to sell your house online:
1. Photos appear in front of your house with the angle as attractive as possible
The first thing that makes potential buyers fall in love when we sell through online is a photo or picture of the items we want to sell. This also applies when you sell your home. As much as possible show potential buyers to your front-of-home drawings that are very interesting. As a suggestion, use a camera with a capable lens so that viewing the picture alone is spoil the eye. Take a picture with a viewing angle that seems to give an impression of highlights on your home. Thus, potential buyers will easily fall in love. (Read also: Procedures Sale and Purchase House)
2. Not only front-facing photos, photos from within your home can also be added
To further convince potential buyers, you can also add photos from within your dwelling. This will further convince potential buyers that your occupancy is what they are looking for. Add some pictures from the main room of your house or the corner of the house you want to highlight, such as your backyard. As much as possible show the advantages of your home through the photos you install. Do not forget, use a capable lens capable and interesting point of view. (Read also: Apartment Buying Procedures)

3. Prepare details of your home information
Not only pictures, prospective buyers also need to know about the basic specifications of the house that you sell. Before you post on the internet, first prepare basic information from your home such as land area, building area, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and other building specifications. Loading the information as completely as possible will increase the potential buyer's confidence in you and the goods you sell. In addition, prospective buyers will also be easier in doing consideration based on information you have prepared. Wherever possible write these basic information honestly and candidly so that we are far from fraudulent attempts to prospective buyers.
4. Also include a list of advantages possessed by your home
After the image and basic information of your home, the next way to attract potential buyers is to list the advantages of what your home has. You can list the advantages of the house itself as a leaky roof, clean walls, newly replaced wallpaper, spacious bathrooms, and so on.
In addition, you can also list the advantages of the environment of your home existence, such as being in a flood-free environment, strategic, easily accessible by public transport, close to shopping centers, and so forth. Whatever the advantages possessed both from your house's internal as well as from your external home such as from its surroundings, you can specify to attract more prospective buyers. (Read also: How to Sell a House Quickly)

5. Sell house through bank
Finding intermediaries in home sales is not an easy matter. In addition to looking for a reliable party, it would be better if we get a party who is experienced in the field of property sales. One of these trustworthy parties is the bank. Selling a house through a bank is not something complicated. Currently, a number of banks have provided home sales facilities in a very easy way that is through a website, for example is as provided by BTN Property. Through the Property BTN, you can market your home online through a special property-buying website authorized by BTN. (Read also: How to Sell Houses Through Bank)
6. Selling home via e-commerce website
Besides going through an intermediary, you can also sell your home directly without an intermediary. First of all, the fundamental tips for marketing your home online is to try to tell as many netizens as you can about the goods you sell. One of them is to use e-commerce website, which is kind of website that is made as a medium of buying and selling online. Today there are many emerging e-commerce websites that can be trusted such as Tokopedia, OLX, Open Lapak, dll. There is nothing wrong if you advertise your home on the website.
Also read:

Procedures for Sale of Uncertified Land
Terms of Sale and Purchase Land
How to Buy Land
7. Sell the house through a special website property sales
In addition to selling homes through banks and e-commerce websites, we can also sell homes through websites that are specifically intended for property sales. There are so many websites that offer home sales like rumah123.com, rumahdijual.com, and so forth. Even for those of you who are interested in doing business in this field and happen to have a penchant for writing, you can also create your own website to advertise any form of property you want to sell. Inside the website, you will write a lot of things related to property or property sales. You can also share your experiences with readers about the same thing. (Read also: How Business Property)ads
8. Advertise your home on a reputable website
Another solution to sell your home over the internet is by placing ads on websites that have heavy traffic. These websites can be forums or other blogs that have an average visit per day. Advertising is not difficult and the cost is relatively cheap. The more you advertise the more people see the ad and the more likely you are to get a potential buyer. (Read also: Procedures Sale and Purchase Land)
9. Put your home ads on your personal social media network
The way this one must be the most popular way because it is free and does not have to bother. You certainly have social media that users very much like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Through your own social media, you can upload your home ads and pass them on to your friends. Not just friends, you can market it virally in social media. Simply upload an engaging ad with an eye-catching photo, include the basic information along with the benefits of the house, so everyone can see the ad easily.
If you are a Whatsapp user or other chat-based social media and you belong to a large group (a group that has many members) such as junior high school, high school, college group, members of the group will definitely see it. This way your prospective buyers could be your own friends so as to facilitate all the affairs behind the future. (Read also: Home Buying Tips)
10. Contact the prospective buyer (personal chat) friendly
Do not stop there, when you advertise on social media virally and large, you also need to take other approaches to potential buyers of your home. You can contact these individuals to offer your home privately. This personal bid is often successful because the approach is more focused and more involved one's emotions. It could be that the person you are offering is indeed in need of a house, or it could be that this person is interested because of the offer you provide directly. It would not hurt to try this out, by choosing approximately who's potential to become a potential buyer or potentially making your house ads more viral.


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As an online business, generating your first online sales is important.
Generating your first sale may be a turning point in your business life.
However, do not let this simple concept of first sale mislead you. The journey to get your first customer is probably a long way to go.
To make things easier, here are 25 ways that can generate your first sale, and so on.
1. Give free samples to influencers (influential people)
The internet is filled with influential bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and vloggers (video bloggers) from different industries and niches.
Most of them have many followers in social media and loyal audience on their website.
By sending free samples of your products to these influencers, whether in your industry or in contact, can give you the opportunity to let them know that you value their work with small rewards for them. And also, perhaps your product can be introduced in one of their sites.
In this way, you can not only increase traffic and follower in social media, but also you can get attention from ekspert people in the industry that you live at this time. This Influencer will provide you with measurable results followed by increased share in social media, and can also improve the status of your products in the eyes of customers.
2. Start to blog
If you have not run a blog related to your store or product, then you have lost a lot of unlimited potential of content marketing.
By generating valuable and free content, you will create a level of trust in your brand and also provide interesting information to many people who read it. Nge-blog also gives you something to share in social media and help you to generate high rankings on Google.
A simple but highly effective way to get started with content marketing for your business. You can use this as a starting point to ask people about your products and industry. By using a blog, you can answer this question in an article.
For example, visitors go to Shopify blogs because they are interested in e-commerce and dropshipping over other topics. Because of this, we can create content with sentences like "how to sell online" and "how to dropship."

In addition, you can use your blog to offer tips, tutorials and resources related to the product and lifestyle around your product.
If you can create content that is interesting on a regular basis, you will begin to see the power of content marketing via share in social media, search engines, and so on.
3. Build an email list
Building an email list for marketing purposes is a much-needed thing.
In fact, based on research by MarketingSherpa, 60% of the marketers / marketers who follow the polls find that email marketing generates ROI (Return of Investment) for their company. When asked how much ROI estimates from an email marketing program for a company - overall this group reports with a value of 119% - a number is unlikely to be ignored by online shop owners.
By having an email list from your customer, this means you can send your information, products, and content into their personal mailbox.
Start building your email list today by entering an email subscription form where it can be seen on your website. This is a smart way to convince your visitors to sign up for your email list. Instead of saying "Join our Newsletter," you better offer them valuable benefits if they sign up. Skinny Teatox offers the opportunity to memnangkan free products every week, so they display the offer to encourage people to join soon.
If you need a guide on email marketing, you can go to this link and review the best email marketing software from Authority Hacker.
4. Be a sponsor of an event
In some cases, sponsoring an event can waste time and resources too. To avoid this, you need to do some research.
First, you should make sure that you choose the right event to sponsor. Look for an event where people present are people who are interested in your product, and find how many people are present at the event.
Once you know about the event type and size, you can start sorting it by the amount of the fee.
You should not send a group of marketers / marketers who just put the table and provide a flyer. If there are potential customers present, you will need a more creative way to build relationships with them.
Demonstrate some of your interesting products to tell a story, get people talking, and provide prizes in places like free coupons and stickers in return for subscribing to email lists and following your social media.
These are some tips from Inc that can help you maximize you that you receive when sponsoring an event.

5. It's a good idea to interview an influential person in your industry
You still remember the importance of the marketing content described earlier? Interviewing influential people in an industry is an excellent example of how to create compelling content.
With this interview, you will be in a mutually beneficial situation. People who interview will get a lot of learning, and at the same time, the interviewee will get the publication of your blog.
Interview them with questions that relate not only their life and career, but also to the industry as a whole. This will ensure that fans of this influencer will recognize their personality, while others will judge from the experiences and advice / advice of the influencer.
A suitable example is the 500pc interview with Elena Shumilova. As a famous name in the world of photography, this interview can produce the perfect content for online photo vendors.
6. Run a PR show
If you want to speed up your first sale, doing a great homework can make it happen.
Just like the famous video, based on the same concept, PR performances have the potential to drive your brand to fame. If implemented well, you can accelerate the level of brand fame and get loyal customers in no time.
Usually a PR show will do something unusual, outrageous, funny, or simply unbelievable to get the media's attention.
If you do it right, your store can benefit from many links from reliable news sources, which is good for short term traffic and SEO in the long run.
No company can take good PR better than Virgin. Founder of Virgin, Richard Branson dressed like a bride, jumped from the casino roof, posed like a zulu, rode a tank to Fifth Avenue in NYC, and flew balloons around the world, and lots of other interesting news.
To improve your creativity, look at 10 successful entrepreneur listings in their marketing show. Remember, a great public relations show does not require a lot of money or help from big brands. It just takes creativity.

7. Experiment with using AdWords
AdWords is Google's most popular pay-per-click ad network that allows its users to place their ads virtually in every search result on Google pages, Youtube videos, and websites that work with Google. Who does not want to get into the top three by Google that can drive sales? This is the result that appears when you type "Samsung TV" on Google. The first result is Samsung paid advertisement.
The beauty of AdWords is at a very wide speed and reach. In just a few minutes, you can create and launch an ad campaign so that the text, images, or even videos of your ad can be seen by millions of people.
By using the AdWords campaign option, you can create targeted ads that are displayed with Google and clickable when people are browsing for specific keywords. In addition, your ads can also appear on websites and articles that contain similar keywords.
To get started with your advertising campaign, check out the Google AdWords beginner guide created The Next Web where you will learn how to build and launch a successful AdWords campaign.
8. Share commissions using affiliate marketing
Trying to sell your own product is a difficult task, so why not share commissions with others?
Affiliate marketing is where you let others market your product and send traffic to your website. In return, you pay them a percentage of the sales that come from their website. Such marketing efforts can be traced by giving them a unique hyperlink (which can be posted on their website) which contains an ID code at the end of the link, just for them.
For example, a website owner can post your affiliate link to a blue sweater product sold on your website. If one of the visitors from the website clicks on the link, and buys the blue sweater, then you just generate a sale, and since it's an affiliate, the website owner gets a percentage of the sales.
The success of affiliate marketing is highly dependent on the type of product you sell and the percentage of commissions you provide to your affiliate partner.
To get started, check out how to become a dropship reseller.

9. Selling wholesale or large-scale products to other retailers
Selling to consumers is common, but there's nothing wrong with selling wholesale to other retailers, especially if consumers who come not so much.
One of the main advantages of selling wholesale is to increase cash flow. Maybe with this you will only sell with a thin margin, but you replace it with the quantity of product sales.
In addition, if you sell your own product, you basically allow other companies and resellers to market your products, and spread the word about your goods. In other words, indirectly selling wholesalers can increase your sales to consumers.
To learn more about this, you can follow the guidelines on the wholesale distribution business here.
10. Announce a Press Release
Many online stores pushed press releases to attract media attention, but failed.
The secret to getting attention is simple. Do not announce bad, ugly press releases !!
First of all, make sure your news is good and valuable. Do not expect a great response unless you provide interesting information to read to the public. Also, press releases should be presented in a concise and professional manner, and not too monotonous.
Copyblogger has six ways to write a stunning press release here.
11. Consider the analysis of your website
Reviewing and acting on an analysis on a website is paramount. The treatment of every website visitor from the time they come in to get out can help you understand why you are selling an item and more importantly, why do not you sell it.
Your website analysis will show you what your customers are doing on your site, including which pages they enter, how long they stay on a page, and which route they take to leave your site. Sometimes, some tools will display additional information such as how often your customers visit your website.
And this does not cost money. Google Analytics is a free service that lets you measure traffic on your website in great detail.
This is an example of Miracle Berry. You can keep traffic steady until early January when you are big jump. They look at the data and see this jump coming from StumbleUpon, which can be a good indicator of social networking channels, both organically and from paid placements.

After you launch your online store and fight for the first sale, it's a good idea to give your time to analyze traffic in Google Analytics. You will never know what you will learn later.
If you want to get into the analytic world, you can see the Google Analytics guide here.
12. Run a survey
Learning the bitter points and desires of consumers can actually help you make the right decision in the future.
Consumer surveys are a great tool to get honest feedback. Unlike your friends and family, consumers have no qualms about hurting your feelings by criticizing your site design or your marketing practices.
To run a survey, you can use applications like Survey Monkey and Qualaroo to create online surveys.
You can learn the correct way to survey by clicking this link.
13. Make a network in a forum
Discussion forums are a great place to give tips and advice, answer questions, and get one or two customers.
Use Google to search for active forums related to the products you sell. When you write on the forum, make sure you do not break the rules in the forum while trying to promote your brand and product. Know the limits and restrictions. Using avatars and profile pages to promote your brand in a forum is usually allowed in the rules.
Maybe you will be tempted to continue to write and promote your brand continuously, but still professional. There are no forums that will tolerate constant promotions or posts that are full of links to your website. Besides, acting like that will damage your brand in the eyes of users from other forums. So keep it simple by writing so people will see your activity, but not spam.
Maybe you can start by actively in some famous forums, both in Indonesia and abroad.
14. Cooperate with other retailers
Sometimes it's good if we seek support from others.
You can start by finding a few complementary (not competing) retailers who agree to promote and support each other. This is a great simple way to get traction in many ways.
For example, if you run an online clothing store, you can ask for help from a store that sells jewelry and shoes or sandals. Basically, the stores you work with can work together to promote each other's brands and share suggestions, but not to create a conflict of interest.
You can choose to keep this relationship more privacy and stay small, or you can publish this partnership to attract more members to build a community of mutual support for online store owners.
Try the example of The ecommerce Group. They operate via Facebook groups, they share advice on more than 2,500 members, provide feedback, and provide help whenever they can.

15. Establish the right relationship
It's not about what you know, but about who you know. Building the right relationship, both online and offline, can help you to succeed.
No matter what kind of product you sell or which industry you work for, there will always be people who think business is the same as you are out there, and you need to be friends with them.
How to build relationships with other people can be with people who are closely related to your business, but not a direct competitor.
For example, suppliers, blogs, and websites are focused on your industry. They can give you feedback and offer discount promotions.
To learn about building a positive relationship with your suppliers / suppliers, All Business offers guidance on building great relationships here.
16. Offer a contest or giveaway
Everyone will love free stuff, and if you're looking for ways to build trust when trying to increase sales, contests or giveaway can help you.
Contests or giveaway not only help you build valuable inbound links (backlinks), but also the right way to show your potential and reliable customers.
It is important to remember that you do not have to start from something big. Tease Tea is a tea online shop that runs a simple contest on their Facebook page

The contest does not require the money to run and only takes a few minutes to run it immediately.

Online services like ViralSweep and Gleam allow you to run online contests, this can help you keep things simple and professional.

You can learn SEO tutorials to get lots of traffic through contests on ecommerce or online stores.

17. Start ngetwit on Twitter

Twitter is a simple and beautiful way that is very effective to involve yourself with your target market. The perfect method to find potential customers is to pro actively search for people who question your industry and give them answers in a wise way.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk runs Wine Library, he looks for "Chardonnay" on Twitter and finds people who ask related questions. All he did was offer advice, he did not try promotion

As a result, people will be happy and find out who this Gary is, and eventually they will find the business Gary is working on. This is just one of many ways on Twitter strategies that can increase your sales.
If you need some real life examples of how to find customers on Twitter, check out Twitter profile from this Lola Rose jewelry store.
18. Find contacts at LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a row of offices on the Internet. In it, you will find professionals and executives of all factions, showing off their skills and getting acquainted with others. In short, this is an online resume.
After creating a profile of an ecommerce business, you can start doing the same thing with yourself. Maybe you will not generate many sales directly through LinkedIn, but you will find a range of opportunities with other companies, suppliers, related websites, and more.
Groups in LinkedIn are also the main way to engage with other business owners in your industry. There are a number of public and private groups here, maybe you can write questions and communicate with other members.
To find related groups, check out the guide using LinkedIn for the following ecommerce.
19. Approach your customer with image display using Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine
When talking about personality and creativity via social media, the three visual platforms above are the right way.
Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine, these three allow you to take different approaches to engage with consumers.
This platform is the perfect place to present the creativity and passion that flows in your business. Take a picture of your product, take a video of the making process, and tell it through the picture. Make it as beautiful as possible !!
You need inspiration? Melt Cosmetics is a new brand that already has 150,000 followers on Instagram.

They can take advantage of marketing on Instagram, build brand image and continue with beautiful photos.
20. Never forget Facebook
Maybe there are still many of you who underestimated the power of Facebook, but until now Facebook is a powerful medium to increase sales.
Take advantage of your personal Facebook profile and business pages to engage with friends, family, acquaintances, and people who are talking about your product. Create a creative status and interact with public groups and fan pages related to your industry.
In addition, you also need to pay attention to Facebook Ads. Just like AdWords, you can create targeted campaigns to attract Likes, increase sales, and promote your brand.
The famous salon in Toronto, the Drybar has a community on Facebook of over 80,000 people.
If you are looking for ideas to create a Facebook business page, you can check articles from Shopify on how to increase traffic and sales with Facebook.
21. Win the competition with price comparison sites
Many consumers come to a price comparison site before purchasing the goods.
The popular price comparison sites are The Find, Google Shopping, and Nextag by comparing prices from thousands of products and stores directly.
Here's an example of The Find where one looks for price comparison.

In order for you to get the attention of the consumers, you need to play every price comparison site, compete with price, and find which sites can give you the best ROI.
Here is a detailed guide on how to get noticed in Google Shopping, and Shopify has 10 lists of price comparison sites.
Note: For Indonesia territory, there are Telunjuk, PriceArea and PricePanda.
22. Create an infographic
Infographics are graphical information or presentation of facts and statistics in an easily understandable form.
Although not easy to make, infographics are something that is valuable when associated with the amount of share in social media and traffic from search engines.
In fact, based on UnBounce, which has created a marketing guide using infographics, many people have searched for infographics, Google has seen an 800% increase in this search over the past two years.
If you are not a smart person in pictures / visuals, do not worry, there are some companies that offer infographic creations services like Column Five Media.
23. Design your store as good as possible
The first impression is everything, when talking about selling online, the first impression is the design of the website itself.
Based on your website design, visitors should be able to understand your brand and product without too much scrolling. And, you should provide navigation as easy as possible to search the catalog of your products.
In addition, making your store responsive to mobile devices is also important. Internet Retailer reports that 55% of online shopping takes place via mobile devices in June 2013, while 45% comes from desktops and laptops.
To find creative ideas about the design of your online store, take a look at the 35 beautiful website design lists from Smashing Magazine and the 40 online store lists below.
24. Create an offline store at an event / event (Pop-up Store)
Even if you start with an online store, this does not mean you have to go online. Pop-up store can be an option as a means of promotion of your brand.
Pop-up stores do not cost much because these stores are only there for a while.
Just like any other offline store. Pop-up stores should also rely on location. You can open a pop-up store in art exhibitions, malls, galleries, and places where many other people gather. Make sure your place can be seen by many people and in accordance with your target market.
Pop-up stores can also be used as offline marketing. You can use this store to provide coupons that can be used through your online store and you can add email subscription and follower in social media.
To get to know more about pop-up stores, Business Insider has 17 interesting pop-up store ideas for you.
25. Introduce your brand in Reddit
Reddit is a website that contains entertainment and powerful social news where many users write content. And more importantly, Reddit is a place where you can attract followers and customers in large numbers.
By using r / entrepreneur after reddit.com, you can introduce your brand, get feedback from consumers, and learn when you promote your product.
A great way to use Reddit to promote online stores is what Beardbrand does. They documented the launch in subreddit (reddit.com/r/entrepreneur) by searching for valuable suggestions from subscriber and customer.Dan provide them with regular updates and information in them.
This is what they write in this community.

Take a look at how much upvote and comments you get in this paper. Reddit can be a powerful tool for your business to generate the first sale.


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