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List of Latest Social Bookmarking Dofollow - According to Wikipedia, Sosbook / Social bookmarking is a method for internet users to organize, store, manage, and search for resource markers available online. social bookmarking can have a positive impact on websites / blogs, because social bookmarking also plays an important role in optimizing SEO. so it can help our site in increasing traffic.

Many social bookmarking sites are available within Indonesia and abroad, which we must use its existence, and the good news is most social bookmarking site is free without paying just register and submit your blog / website articles on social bookmarking sites you visit.
Of course many of the benefits that we get from optimizing the dofollow social bookmarking function among others.
Social Bookmarking Benefits1. Increase Visitor Traffic Blog
how to increase traffic? just as we already know social bookmarking has many members and many who are online, thus most likely they see submit our article and curious then they visit our blog, now that's where our visitors get traffic.
2. Getting Backlinks
Simple logic is when we plant a seed then we will grow into shoots and then bear fruit and fruit we can pick. meaning social bookmarking provides land for us to plant our blog link URL. thus automatically backling the quality will go to our blog / website, so the traffic was coming. luckily right ?.

3. Increase Blog Rank and Fast in SERP Index

With the many backlinks we plant on various social bookmarking sites then most likely increase traffic that culminate in search engine optimization that quickly mengideks our related articles.

Of course very profitable is not it ?, if we optimize social bookmarking site, therefore immediately submit your blog articles / website in social bookmarking in order to increase your blog traffic.

Back to the original discussion on the latest dofollow social bookmarking list 2016, I was motivated to write this article because of my disappointment with the websites that present sosbok sites, they provide social bookmarking lists that are mostly outdated, not found and some are already redirected to the site other, of course it wastes a lot of time and quota our internet.hehe

Okay well here I will provide a list of social bookmarking that I have checked and can still be enabled, but there are some sosbok who are not active.

Site Sosbook Indonesia

Social bookmarking site outside

Take advantage of this social bookmarking site optimally because most of the already origin only submit and it can be categorized spammers so you can just be removed / block members from social bookmarking sites concerned.

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Use the terms and conditions that have been made by the manager of social bookmarking sites to keep us safe away from the word violations, thus expected traffic blog / website we crawl up, Here's an article about the list of social bookmarking sites dofollow latest 2017 hopefully helps in increasing your blog traffic so and thank you.

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